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Callaghan Ward has been a chef for over 20 years working all over the world starting in the UK, then moving to Spain, Peru, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore and France. Training under chefs such as Max Fischer (Fischer's Baslow Hall), Sergi Arola (La Broche), Virgilio Martinez (Central), Daniel Clifford (Midsummer House) to name a few.

During the first lockdown Callaghan opened an American style sandwiches, tacos and wings takeaway. He struggled to find sauces that were to his taste and purchasing sufficient quantities to meet demand was a daily battle.

With this in mind he set about creating his own using his wealth of culinary knowledge, posing the questions why isn't hot sauce treated like a fine wine or whiskey? How can I achieve more flavour?

So what's different about our sauces?

The aim from the beginning was simple to select single varieties of different heat intensities and really showcase them for their individual flavours and keep them raw thus maintaining the probiotics created during fermentation.

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